Awana Changes – 2020

In this unique time, we desire to do all we can to help ensure the health and safety of our Clubbers and Volunteers.

Here are some of the things we are putting in place:

1. Drop off and pick up will be via car (think school car rider line). Clubbers will get their temperature checked and parents asked “screening” questions during Drop Off.

Cars will enter the south end of our campus from Eastern Avenue (see map below) and follow the cone-lined path. You will pull up in front of our FEllowship Hall where children will exit the vehicle and have their temperatures checked. Volunteers will be ready with tablets to check-in your family and give you the KidCheck ticket. THIS WILL START AT 6:45PM. At the end of the night, Pick Up will follow the same route.

Drop Off Route.jpg


2. All clubbers (except Puggles) and volunteers will be asked to wear a face covering during all times when social distancing is not feasible. If a classroom has few enough clubbers to spread out, they’ll be able to remove their teacher’s direction/discretion.

3. Puggles and Cubbies will have separate, individualized supply containers for crayons, glue sticks, etc. The containers will be wiped down each night and only your child will touch the supplies in their box. Teachers will also be putting craft supplies in individual containers beforehand to keep it all separated.

4. We will increase hand sanitizing frequency throughout the night.

5. Our entire buildings are being sanitized after each service as well, beyond our normal cleaning regimen.

6. Game time will involve activities that are as contact-less as possible. Our Games Directors are actively working on new ideas for this area.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Awana Commander, Pastor Robbins, at