AWANA Registration and Cost

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How do I register my children?

There are two steps involved in registering your child.

1. kidcheckfulllogo.jpg

EABC uses secure KidCheck as our Children’s Ministry Check-in Program. If you do not already have an account with KidCheck, visit EABC KidCheck or download the KidCheck app on your mobile device and follow the prompts to set up an account.

Click here for more information about KidCheck.

2. AWANA Registration

Click Here for the 2022/23 AWANA Registration Form. Please print and bring the form with you to the first night you bring your children to AWANA. You can also  email the completed form to

Uniforms and Bags

Each club has a uniform (vest, jersey, or t-shirt) clubbers can purchase to show off the awards they earn by completing sections. Additionally, Clubbers can purchase Club specific bags/backpacks to carry their handbooks and other items. These items will be available each night during check-in.

What is the cost of AWANA?

Our club does not require weekly or annual dues. To help reduce the financial burden on the church, we ask parents to pay for their child’s vest/shirt.

In addition, we collect a free-will offering each club night to encourage and teach our Clubbers the importance of giving to the Lord. Clubbers earn extra points when they bring an offering of any amount.